Fredman Digital

Extremely high-quality cymbal samples engineered and recorded with amazing gear at the legendary Studio Fredman.

Cymbals in this pack:

  • 14" Meinl Soundcaster Hi-Hat.
  • 18" Meinl Dark Crash.
  • 19" Meinl Dark Crash
  • 20" Meinl Soundcaster Powerful Crash.
  • 18" Meinl Extreme Metal China.
  • 22" Meinl Soundcaster Powerful Ride.
  • 16" Meinl Extreme Metal China.
  • 9"   Sabian Terry Bozzio Raida Bell.
  • 7"   Meinl Rythm Bell.
  • 10" Meinl Splash.


What's included:

  • High-quality cymbal samples (EQ by Fredrik Nordström)
  • The ability to switch between the microphones TSM141 and KM84.
  • NKI-ready files for Kontakt users
  • Three velocity layers per cymbal and sample and
    Four roundrobins per cymbals.

Our instruments will enter DEMO mode in the free Kontakt Player, to use these instruments properly you must own the paid Kontakt sampler.

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