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Svensson Drums

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Extremely high-quality drum samples engineered and recorded at the legendary Studio Fredman. Go with the raw files if you want to shape your drum sound in detail. Choose the processed files if you're looking to save time and have things sound professional and absolutely massive, quickly. Or, use both the raw and the processed files in your sound replacement tool and work it from there. Includes kick, snare, 4 toms, and cymbals. Enjoy!

What's included:

  • High-quality drum samples (EQ:ed by Fredrik Nordström)
  • High-quality drum samples (processed by Fredrik Nordström)
  • NKI instrument for Kontakt users DOWNLOAD KONTAKT
  • 7x7 velocity layers per drum (TCI)
  • TCI-ready files for Trigger/Trigger 2 users (not for cymbals) 

Drums: Tama Star Classic

  • 2 x Snare (bubinga)
  • 2 x Kick 22" (mapleshell)
  • Tom 12" (mapleshell)
  • Tom 14" (mapleshell)
  • Tom 16" (mapleshell)
  • Tom 18" (mapleshell)
  • Hihat 14" In Flames signature
  • Splash 10" In Flames signature
  • Crash 18" In Flames signature
  • Crash 20" In Flames signature
  • China 18" In Flames signature
  • Ride 22" In Flames signature


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